Taylor Swift cruised into Phoenix this weekend and she showed the love for locals like former 'American Idol' winner Jordin Sparks, singer-songwriter Michelle Branch and alt rockers Jimmy Eat World. Swift was able to cover several genres in one show, yet again thrilling her adoring fans while showing off her expansive musical range.

Swift performed a sweet, soft rendition of Sparks' 'No Parade,' which appears on the singer's 'Battlefield' album. She was seated while strumming guitar for her pretty version of the song. It felt like a fairytale moment.

Swift brought Jimmy Eat World guitarist singer/guitarist Jim Adkins onstage to perform his band's smash hit 'The Middle,' which dominated the airwaves in 2002, with her. Both Swift and Adkins strapped on guitars and knuckled down all the while singing the song's unforgettable, robust melody and lyrical hook. You know them, the "It just takes some time" and "Everything (everything) will be just fine, everything (everything) will be alright (alright)" parts.

We're wondering if there is someone on Swift's staff whose job it is to locate and confirm the people she wants to perform with her during that night's show. We also wonder how much time she puts into rehearsing the songs she covers since she's rocking a new one each night!

Nevertheless, when rocking out with Adkins, Swift played a sparkly, fire engine red guitar, which stood out when contrasted against her sparkly, black mini dress.

Swift also paid tribute to Michelle Branch, performing 'All You Wanted,' which is from 'The Spirit Room' and is a single from 2002.

Swift certainly stuck to a specific year when dragging out two of three of her Arizona covers.

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