Imagine having your family photos taking in a Nashville park -- only to have your session crashed by Taylor Swift herself! It's a scenario that's almost too awesome to consider, but for one young fan it was a reality.

The girl was in the middle of a photo shoot with photographer Sarah Bailey when Taylor jogged by. (Seriously, what are the chances?) According to the Huffington Post, the 'Shake It Off' singer stopped to chat with the fan and pose for some photos with her. You can see one of their adorable pictures above (featured here with permission from the photographer).

Even though she was in full-on workout mode -- sporting a Notre Dame hoodie and her signature red lipstick, of course -- Taylor looks amazing. We can't get over how cool it is that she stopped mid-run to hang out with this fan. It's definitely a dream come true for any Swiftie!

Be sure to check out photographer Sarah Bailey's work on her website.

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