One of our favorite things about Taylor Swift is her inability to play it cool. She's totally dorky and never too cool to admit when she likes something to the point of obsession. In other words: she's one of us. So when she gushed on air with Ryan Seacrest about being excited over a tweet from Iggy Azalea, we knew she meant it!

We're so glad Ryan released this video of Taylor dancing along and mouthing the words to Iggy's 'Black Widow.' Trust us, Taylor, we've been there, too. She clearly loved the video as well, seeing as how she tweeted about it! Check it out above!

Speaking of fangirling, Ryan is clearly a huge fan of the song 'Style,' and he can't stop gushing about it to Taylor! Although she refuses to explicitly say who the song is about, Taylor does give us some insight into the song, "The song is about my life and I've never revealed who it's actually about but the song kind of speaks for itself."

When Ryan addresses one of the lines on the song ('I say I heard / that you been out and about with some other girl / He says what you heard is true but I / Can't stop thinking about you and I / I said I been there too a few times'), Taylor talks about how that line in particular is a clear indication of how much she's changed and grown over the years: "I would never have said anything like that on a previous album. My previous albums have always been like 'I was right, you were wrong. You did this, it made me feel like this.'" She continued: "What happens when you grow up is you realize the rules in a relationship are blurred and there's not always a case of who was right and who was wrong." Let's hear it for personal growth!

Our favorite revelation from Taylor? Probably when she says, of 'Style': "It's always been my secret favorite, like, I hope it ends up being a single." Taylor, we totally feel the same way. Check out the interviews above!

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