After introducing actress Courtney Cox to her now-fiance, Johnny McDaid (of the band Snow Patrol), it looks like like Ed Sheeran fancies himself something of a matchmaker. This time, he's got someone in mind for his bestie, Taylor Swift. According to the Mirror, Ed is hoping Taylor hits it off with one of her neighbors: Orlando Bloom.

Yeah, we were surprised when we first heard about it, too. Ed reportedly said, “[Orlando’s] lovely, and they live in the same building. [I’m hoping that] the magic might present itself eventually."

Considering those rumors that were circulating a while back insinuating Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez might have been an item, we’re not so sure Taylor would be totally onboard with the possibility of this specific romantic coupling. Of course, neither Selena nor Orlando ever confirmed anything was going on, but still.

It should also be noted that Taylor has repeatedly stated she is currently not interested in trying to fit a relationship into her life, and considering her insanely busy schedule -- not to mention just how much we’re loving single-and-fabulous Taylor -- we totally don't blame her.

What do you guys think? Did Orlando put Ed up to this? How awkward is it going to be for Taylor and Orlando to be in the same room together now?

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