Taylor Swift is flying high, and not just because her album 'Red' debuted at No. 1 with over a million copies sold in a week. The singer graces the cover of Delta Sky Magazine, the in-flight mag of the air carrier.

Her clothing color palette sticks to juicy colors, like bright orange and ravishing red. It's one of her most sophisticated and elegant covers to date.

The images highlight her model-worthy height (she's nearly 6 feet tall!) and trim figure. T. Swizzle, who is America's sweetheart, looks like quite a sexy glamazon in that red dress paired with strappy heels. It's quite a bite-your-knuckles shot.

In the feature, we learn the self-professed baker makes homemade jam. Her new flavor? Blackberry! "Now I make blackberry jam, because it is really easy, and I think up clever titles for it like 'Pump Up the Jam' and 'Jam Session," the arts and crafts lover said. "Or, like, random hip-hop ones like, 'Blackberry Jam Boots with the Fur.' It doesn't make sense. But I like it."

Taylor, we wouldn't complain if we got a jar of homemade blackberry jam from you. So be non-sensical till your heart's content.

Swift also shared that she slaps the jars with cat stickers and gifts them to her friends and family.

"I don’t want to overwhelm people," she said about doling out the fruity gifts. "I always want to leave people wanting more."

She also spoke about the other thing she makes – her music. She isn't concerned that 'Red,' which is very much her foray into pop music and abandons much of the country sound of her past, will alienate her base.

"Joni Mitchell has this amazing quote: 'They’ll crucify me if I change and they’ll crucify me if I stay the same, so I’m going to change because it’s more fun,'" Swift said. She recalls, "Nine months ago I was onstage accepting two Grammys for a song they said was too country. And now I put out a song that isn’t country enough." The latter song she refers to is 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.'

Given that conundrum, she is doing things her way, to fantastic results.

In the behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot, where she looks so beautiful it almost hurts to look at her, she talks about how she has learned to appreciate touring. She now places a premium on seeing the world and being a tourist while on the road, making sure the four walls of the tour bus are not the only things she sees.

This isn't the only magazine you'll see with Ms. Swift's mug across the front page. She's also on the cover of the December issue of Cosmo, which you can see here.

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Watch Behind-the-Scenes Footage of Taylor Swift's Delta Sky Shoot