Taylor Swift went toe-to-toe with British TV host Alan Carr, aka Chatty Man, who offered her a cocktail upon sitting down. She quickly requested a Diet Coke, proving her reputation as America's Sweetheart, one who doesn't drink and interview.

Swift, dressed in a pretty, '50s-inspired black frock, contended that she rarely drinks, which is something she also revealed during the media blitz when 'Red' came out.

Carr dropped a lot of cheeky British references, to which Swift offered a confused, vacant, "I have no idea what he is talking about but I'll nod, smile and be nice" look during these moments. It made for some subtle comedy, since she's too polite to behave otherwise!

Carr suggested that she create a naughty alter ego named Candy. Swift played along delightfully at this point, seeming totally interested in the concept of the bad girl Candy. Could you imagine Swift shedding her wholesome image for a hot second?

Carr said 'Red' is a lot less country than her previous albums, asking if she'd go on a dubstep tear. Swift gracefully sidestepped that question, diplomatically expressing that she's heard that comment before for but isn't quite sure she agrees.

T. Swizzle played along, saying she and Carr should have a dance party that no one would come to.

It was a sweet, playful 10-minute chat. Too cute!