Taylor Swift is whipping out that old chestnut about Ed Sheeran: They're just friends! Friends that have hotel sleepovers! Nothing to see here, folks.

Swift told We Love Pop magazine (via SugarScape) that their friendship is not only platonic, but also kind of mundane. "We mostly just text: 'Hey pal! Miss you dude!'" she explained. "And it somehow ends up turning into a conversation about the meaning of life and music."

She added, "Perhaps that's code for: 'I secretly love gingers, especially any called Ed." To clarify, Swifties: She was joking!

Though, after spending the night with Swift before the 2013 BRIT Awards, Sheeran was said to leave her room looking "pleased with himself." Maybe they just wrote another really awesome song again to perform together on tour. You never know! (That would certainly excuse him for partying with his ex in Australia recently.)

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