Taylor Swift already owns the genres of country and pop. But she has demonstrated quite an affinity for and deftness with hip-hop.

Taylor, who has long discussed her love of rap, covered Eminem's classic 'Lose Yourself' live in the studio for 'The Danger Show' on Pittsburgh's Froggy Radio. The clip is from 2006, when Swift was just 16. But it went viral on the web this week.

T. Swizzle strums a guitar as she speaks an off-the-cuff intro and raps the lyrics to Em's monster 2002 hit, off the '8 Mile' soundtrack.

Her rendition is only a minute or so long, but it's mind-blowing to hear her spit lines like, "His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy / There's vomit on his sweater already / Mom's spaghetti." She can't help but add a dash of country, of course.

It's not exactly the kind of material we've come to expect from Taylor, but she did famously cover the song in 2011, at the Grand Rapids, Mich., stop on her Speak Now tour. It was an homage to local hero Eminem, who hails from nearby Detroit.