We knew Taylor Swift liked bad boys, if you can consider John Mayer "a bad boy," but we never figured her clean-cut ex Conor Kennedy to be a troublemaker or a rabble rouser.

It turns out that Kennedy, who is all of 18, was arrested alongside his father for taking part in a political protest in Washington, D.C. today (Feb. 13).

Kennedy, who is the son of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., was arrested at the White House. Yahoo! confirmed that father and son were indeed cuffed. They were among a dozen protestors, which included actress Daryl Hannah, who engaged in an act of civil disobedience by attaching themselves to a gate at the President's house on Pennsylvania Avenue in the nation's capital. They did so to raise awareness about the environment and global warming.

The protestors want President Obama to reject the Keystone Oil Pipeline, which they believe would make use of dirty oil, causing further global warming and leading to a ripple effect of consequences for other creatures, critters and inhabitants of the earth.

Kennedy dated Swift in what appeared to be a textbook summer fling, and the last time he was in the news was when they split. She quickly moved on to One Direction's Harry Styles and she stopped dressing like a wannabe First Lady; since she was no longer dating a member of a political dynasty, she didn't need to dress the part. But that romance didn't last either and she started showing off skin on red carpets... and bigger boobs, too.

Hey, at least now Conor-with-one-n is grabbing headlines for something other than dating America's sweetheart for three months. When you think about it, is that really something one wants to be known for?

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