Taylor Swift treated her fans to an acoustic performance of 'Eyes Open' in Auckland, New Zealand this week. Before launching into her latest hit, she asked the crowd if they wanted to hear a new song, but that she wasn't sure if they'd like it. "I don't know ... What do you think?" she teased.

Swift sat alone onstage with her guitar and serenaded her massive crowd to the 'Hunger Games' track. The album version of the song has heavy production and lots more instrumentation, but this performance showcased Swift's voice. While critics of the country-pop superstar sometimes gripe that her live vocals leave much to be desired, this video should shush them at least for a while -- her voice sounds stronger than ever before.

She exclaimed at the conclusion of the song, "You do like it!" You can tell she does, too -- she can't stop smiling while she sings it!

‘The Hunger Games: Songs from District 12 and Beyond,’ also features tracks from Kid Cudi (listen to his creepy 'The Ruler & the Killer'), Maroon 5, Miranda Lambert and Arcade Fire, hits shelves this Tuesday, March 20.

Watch Taylor Swift Perform 'Eyes Open'