When it comes to talking about her life, Taylor Swift is a pretty open book. (Any music fan knows that the singer does not hold back when it comes to writing about her personal life!) However, Taste of Country managed to dig up a surprising number of things even the most loyal Swiftie may not know!

The video above is quick to clarify that while Taylor's love life is often up for debate, this video is not concerned with the conjecture. In fact, this edition of 'You Think You Know Country' kicks it waaay back -- to when the '22' singer was born!

After nearly 25 years on Earth, that leaves a lot of ground to cover, including Taylor's rise to fame, that awkward VMAs moment with Kanye West and, of course, and some platonic inspirations for her songs.

Got all of that? Good! Get ready for a rapid-fire course in all things Taylor Swift in the video above.

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