Taylor Swift has a very devoted following, and one guy in particular could even be considered fanatical after he was discovered trying to swim to the '22' songstress' new mansion in Rhode Island.

According to TMZ, police saw a 22-year-old man getting out of the ocean about a mile from Taylor Swift's Westerly mansion around 2AM this morning (May 15). When approached by authorities the guy gave the ol' "Don't worry about me, I'm just taking a swim to see Taylor!" excuse.

This is where the cops took up issue and the Chicago-area man was subsequently arrested. What the heck was a guy all the way from Chicago doing swimming in Rhode Island at two in the morning? Creepy!

The guy said he began swimming to the beach in front of T.Swift's house, but saw her security team and decided to swim back... two whole miles. To some, this may not seem like a particularly big deal, but current water temperatures in Rhode Island range from 55-67 degrees. That is some ice cold water to swim in just for a glimpse of Taylor, her house, and her security team.

The man, who has yet to be identified, was charged with trespassing. The Westerly PD told TMZ they have a "zero tolerance policy for trespassers" and will discuss the incident with T. Swizzle's personal security detail.

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