Considering how busy she is all the time, it truly baffles us that Taylor Swift manages to expend so much energy on social media. She's constantly searching for super fans to surprise with Christmas gifts, meet-and-greet tickets, checks to pay their tuition -- and that's just to name a few. And Taylor is clearly the celebrity that keeps on giving, proven yet again by what she did for one lucky fan during the 2015 Grammy Awards.

Jill Ralke has been a huge supporter of Taylor's over the years, and when she posted to her Tumblr account that she would be at the Grammys, Taylor responded with, "Seriously!?????!?!!! Where are you gonna be? Inside? Red carpet?"

According to Jill's Instagram, Taylor's publicist was able to track Jill down and invite her backstage to meet Taylor. Jill wrote, "Taylor. Right when I saw her, she said JILL!!! And we got to talk for [three] minutes. She was so sweet again, told me I looked beautiful and told me she'd she [sic] me online. Best day of my life."

Totally unreal. You can check out Jill's selfies with Taylor posted above! We have to admit, we're totally drunk on jealousy. Get it? Yes, we crack ourselves up.

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