Taylor Swift made one of her fans a star for the day when she both tweeted and praised a girl's fan-made dance video to 'Shake It Off.'

"Just smiled so big as I watched this girl joyously dance-bomb a Whole Foods like a champion," Swift wrote.

The video was made by a Swiftie named Mackenzie who lets herself loose as she unapologetically dances around a Whole Foods to Swift's newest hit single. The teenager hilariously dances through the aisles of shampoo, produce and Halloween decorations and sometimes, even behind the backs of total strangers.

Who knew Whole Foods would be a perfect backdrop for a dance video?

It's no surprise Swift praised Mackenzie's free spirit and energetic moves and once you watch her video, you'll love it, too.

'Shake It Off' will appear on Swift's '1989' album which is scheduled to be released on Oct. 27.

Click on the video above to watch Mackenzie 'Shake It Off' at Whole Foods.

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