Taylor Swift appeared on BBC's 'The Graham Norton Show' in England this week to promote the upcoming release of her album, '1989,' on Oct. 27. While on the show, Swift jokingly recalled how she stalked certain fans online in order to invite them to her private homes for '1989' listening parties, and even more hilarious, how fans repeatedly wrote about "dying" at these parties.

"I wanted to call [them] the '1989 Secret Sessions,'" Swift said about the listening parties. "I knew before I finished the album that I was most proud of this album more than anything I had done before. I wanted to give fans a chance to hear it before it came out."

But in regards to the actual selection process of choosing which Swifties she chose to invite to her homes, Swift joked about stalking them online - a statement which made host  Graham Norton look at her in horror. "I found them on the Internet. I would go online, look at their Instagram pages, or their Tumblr, or Twitter, or whatever - and just kind of watch them for months and months."

"That sounds weird!" exclaimed Norton.

Even more riotous is when Norton brings up a few examples of fans who blogged attended her listening parties, and each story had a common theme: They all talked about dying.

"She appeared out of thin air like David Copperfield and we all died. Like for real," reads Norton before bringing up several other examples, including, "I legit almost told Mama Swift to call me an ambulance cause I wasn't going to make it."

The look on Swift's face as Norton is reading the entries is priceless, and we'll think that you'll get a laugh or two watching the video as well.

Swift talking about her fans and laughing at the hilarity of her intense fandom makes all the more appropriate that she was named today as Billboard Woman of the Year.

Click on the video above to watch Swift's appearance on 'The Graham Norton Show.'

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