Remember the prank to get Taylor Swift to perform at a school for the deaf? Well, turns out Swift still donated money to said school, despite the fact that it was removed from the running to win a campus performance.

Papa John's and Chegg were sponsoring a contest that would send the pop star to perform at the school who received the most votes. The internet banded together, thanks to users on 4chan and Reddit, and decided to nominate the Horace Mann School for the Deaf in Allston, Mass. Essentially, the school with the most Facebook votes would win the contest.

Some of the votes from 4chan had users who thought'd it be funny to send Swift to a school to perform for deaf students; others took offense to that and voted on behalf of the students at Horace Mann, who'd be elated to have a performance by a Grammy winning artist. Even principal Jeremiah Ford was on board, even if "mean-spirited people fueled the win." He also said he'd be perfectly happy as a runner-up, considering the top five schools would each receive $10,000.

The winning school was chosen on Sept. 30, but Swift, Papa John's, and Chegg decided to pull Horace Mann from the contest because of the way it got votes. Instead, Swift personally donated $10,000 to the school, and said that each student will receive a ticket to her next local show. Papa John's and Chegg both matched that amount, and CoverGirl and American Greetings (endorsed by Ms. Swift) donated as well.

We think think it was smart of Swift to donate to the school, even though they were pulled out of the contest. But we have to point out that the same thing happened to Pitbull, who was sent to Walmart in Alaska by Facebook voting, and he went with a big smile on his face.

What do you think PopCrushers? Was it the right decision to pull the school out of the contest? Let us know in the comments below.

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