Day by day, Taylor Swift further sweeps fans off their feet with the story for her latest 'Ours' video, offering a new behind-the-scenes clip that helps tell the story. In the third webisode, the 'Love Story' singer gushes about how true love can light up even the most monotonous of days.

"The story of the video is the ups and downs of this girl's day in the life," the singer explains, as she's shown looking poker-faced at her office building desk job. "This girl hates her job. It’s boring, and every single day she doesn’t even know what she’s really doing at this job."

She continues, "It’s not like it’s awful, but it’s just … Boredom. It’s just every day monotony. And there happens to be a lot of subtle comedy to that."

True -- Taylor Swift's 'Ours' video is a bit funny, but mostly because we could never imagine the soon-to-be 22-year-old iconic songstress behind a desk ... Or wearing her hair messy, for that matter. Thankfully, the video is not about her sad and drab make believe lifestyle, it's about what's waiting for her at 5PM. Taylor adds, "But this day is different, because this day she has something to look forward to."

It's no surprise that Taylor loves love, but with this treatment, she wanted to stray away from her typical fairytale mindset and towards something more of her fans could relate to. “I wanted it to be real life,” she says. “I just love the contrast of when you see somebody light up when you’re with the person that they love, whereas they can be living in tones of grey when they’re not.”

Watch the Taylor Swift Behind-the-Scenes 'Ours' Webisode No. 3