If rumors are to be believed, not only would Taylor Swift not put out enough for One Direction's Harry Styles, but she also just didn't want to go out enough, either.

A pal of Styles told The Daily Mail (via Hollywood Life), “In the end, [Harry] is a young guy who likes to party, and [Taylor] is a bit quiet and serious, and they were on different pages when it came to what the romance actually was ... Harry is a bit like a kid in a sweets shop. He’s 18, rich, famous, good-looking and single. And he’s really, really interested in girls. And by girls, I do mean older women.”

To be fair, Swift, 23, is nearly five years older than Styles, who turns 19 next month.

What's more, T-Swizzle apparently was suspicious of Styles' every move, despite him being head over heels for her for whatever brief time they were together. She reportedly wanted full access to his email, text messages and cell phone to ensure that he wasn't doing her dirty. When he said that didn't sit well with him, that's what led to their huge fight during their British Virgin Isles and ultimately the demise of Haylor.

C'mon, Taylor -- you should know by now to hide the crazy for a little longer than this! And more may be coming out: rumor has it she already wrote not one, but five songs about her doomed three-month romance with the green-eyed heartthrob.

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