Tell us something we don't know already.

In news that is already a Directioner certainty, Taylor Swift has gushed to Gemma Styles, the sister of her boyfriend, One Direction hunk Harry Styles, that he is amazing.

No kidding, Tay Tay. The whole world, especially Directioners, hearts Harry Styles. That's like saying we need air to breathe or that Zayn Malik has good hair or that Louis Tomlinson is delightfully crazy (see his radio station antics here) or that the members 1D, save for Liam Payne and Niall Horan, are racking up a lot of tattoos, so many that they might make prisoners jealous. It's a fact!

Hazza and T. Swizz spent some time together in his hometown of Holmes Chapel in England. Swift visited all the local sights and attractions, and of course, bonded with her man's family. That's always critical in the success of a romance, and by all accounts, Swift has charmed the fam.

Swift reportedly told Gemma, 22, over dinner at the Rising Sun pub in Bamford on Dec. 11 that Styles is "amazing" in between snapping shots of themselves cheek-to-cheek with  their phones. Aw! It's always crucial to win over moms and sisters, and T. Swizzle appears to be doing all the right things on that front.

The 'I Knew You Were Trouble' singer cleared her itinerary so she could spend time with Styles at his mother Anne's home, as well. While a source claims that Haylor have gone from 0 to 60 in the past month, they sure look happy! So leave 'em be.

But Swift isn't the only one madly in love here. Sorry, Directioners. We know that's enough to put a knot in your knickers, but it seems to be reality. Styles is reportedly head over heels for her, as well. A source said, "Harry is totally in love. I can see them getting married in a week, just going for it."

Hey now! Eloping? Seriously? Well, stranger things have happened…

Don't go heading for the exits over that news, Directioners. It's just a source!

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