There's more photographic proof of Haylor, as Taylor Swift and her BF, One Direction cutie Harry Styles, were spotted skiing together in Utah. But that's not all. They are reportedly at a ski lodge in Park City with another famous teen pop couple whose status remains a bit nebulous amidst a month of unaddressed breakup rumors: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. So Haylor and Jelena are hitting the slopes!

Styles and Swift were spotted on Dec. 21, enjoying the white stuff -- snow, not anything bad and illegal, come on! -- and looking extra adorbs in their ski parkas, pants and hats.

The tethered-to-one-another couple who have not attempted any effort to hide their blossoming relationship reportedly made a beeline out of Los Angeles after Styles and 1D performed on 'X Factor' -- flawlessly, we might add. They went from a hot climate to a cold one, but one temperature remains steady and that's the scorching hot nature of their romance.

Gomez and Biebs were spotted at the ski resort, as well. Could it be a couple's retreat or vacation? That seems obvs to us.

This could lead to good things down the road for fans of all these artists. This type of hang sesh is a fertile breeding ground for collabos and creativity.

And you know what they say about the couples that ski together right? They tend to fall on their butts, get cold feet from all that snow and then warm up with hot chocolate together in their room afterward. It's going to be a romantic coupla' days for Hazza and T. Swizzle.

Don't hate, Directioners. Accept it. It'll be easier that way. Forget all those stories about her smothering him or this being a publicity stunt. Haylor looks like the real thing, like Coke!

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