Good news is pointless if you have nobody to share it with, because if that's the case you are probably very lonely. But when you do have someone who's teeming with enthusiasm over any success you may have, it’s almost as rewarding as the good news itself. Dancer Robert Green definitely felt that way after informing his mother that he was hired as a dancer for Taylor Swift’s 1989 Tour.

Green recorded himself relaying the news to his mother in a video, which turns out to be nearly five minutes of incoherent screaming — which is exactly how we hope our own moms would react. At one point Robert says, “This is not even a conversation right now.”

According to Today, booking this job is more than a dream come true for Robert -- it's a necessity. He said, "Two years ago, my mom and I packed up in my 1996 Honda and she drove me from east coast to west coast with just enough money to make it. Prior to this amazing moment…I wasn't working as a dancer as much as I had hoped. (After a series of setbacks) I was in LA with no job, no money, no car - just the support of my mother and my faith.”

Robert's video even managed to touch a few lives. He continues, “(I’ve received) inspiring messages about how the video gave people hope and had them in tears. I’ve been thanked for sharing that beautiful moment - some even said that they almost gave up, but my video gave them the strength and optimism to keep going.”

Taylor tweeted a link to the video, writing “I feel so lucky to get to perform alongside people who love it this much."

You can catch Robert performing with Taylor on the 1989 tour through October.

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