First Taylor Swift stunned on the red carpet in an ivory Elie Saab gown that was easily one of her best red carpet looks in, like, ever, at the 2012 Aria Awards. Then she rocked a varsity jacket, nautical stripes and black hot shorts for her performance of her sassy new anthem 'I Knew You Were Trouble.' She even sprayed red paint on the shirts of the boy dancers! Ooh!

It was very 'Grease'-like, mixed with a little 'West Side Story,' thanks to the urban setting. High schoolers in love -- it's a familiar theme, but T. Swizzle modernized it for her fans Down Under. She added breakdancers and skateboarders, but it still had that Danny and Sandy, Tony and Maria feel.

Somewhere, some how, some way, her exes Jake Gyllenhaal and John Mayer are eating their hearts out, since that's who most people think her 'Red' songs are about. Living well and rocking out is the best revenge -- T. Swizz reminds us of that every single day.

Watching this performance and speculating that it's about Mayer made us wonder something very important. Do Mayer and his current squeeze Katy Perry ever discuss the possibility that this song (and others) are about him? Those types of conversations have to be awkward. And come on, you can't possibly think the topic hasn't come up at least once? Something to chew on!

Overall, though, we love that Swift is staging this song in a variety of ways as she performs it live. It keeps it exciting and fun to watch.