What do Taylor Swift, Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson have in common besides the fact that they are all hot, talented, desirable, blonde and have last names that begin with the letter "S?" Well, they are all share a political affiliation and are registered Republicans. True story.

Complex chose the hottest celeb Republicans and several pop divas made the list, surprisingly, since pop stars can be so liberal with their attitudes (and their clothes!).

Swift's allegiance to the GOP doesn't bode well for her budding relationship with Conor Kennedy, a member of the country's most famous family of Democrats. Perhaps she will switch sides and leave her Republican past behind? Sunday dinner conversations can't be much fun with a split affiliation!

Spears may have spent much of her career being a bad, bad girl and pretty much the antithesis of conservative -- if you are speaking about her past actions, photo shoots, choice of clothes and song lyrics. But Brit Brit, who has settled down in recent years, reigning in all that Lolita sexiness, is also a registered Republican.

It's no shock that Texas-born Simpson is a Republican as well. She once turned down an invite to attend a GOP 2006 fundraiser, which was extended by then-President Bush himself. But her good ol' boy dad and manager Joe went on record and said that his baby girl is "a huge fan of him and his family. Jessica loves the heck out of him." Well, someone has to.

Hilary Duff, also a Southerner from Texas, is a registered Republican in her home state.

The Republican party sure has some hotness in its membership!

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