Sometimes, it seems like the whole world is obsessed with Taylor Swift's cats -- well, except maybe actor John Cleese.

Taylor Swift and Cleese both appeared on 'The Graham Norton Show' over the weekend, and seeing as how the two are both apparent cat lovers, host Graham Norton decided to show a picture of T. Swift's adorable kitten Olivia Benson on screen. And that's when things got awkward.

"How did it have the accident?" Cleese asked as T. Swift stared at him blankly.

"What?" she replied. "What accident?"

"Is that a proper cat?" he clarified, as she looked pretty annoyed. Not that we blame her -- we'd totally be pissed too!

Of course, you know what Taylor says about the haters… and she did just that, "shaking it off" during her performance of, well, 'Shake It Off' on 'X Factor' last night (Oct. 12).

Check out her reaction to John Cleese's comment above, and watch her 'X Factor' performance below!

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