Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Diddy and more celebs appear in the brand new Macy's 'Dream' commercial. Incoming manager Harold lapses into a dream sequence, where his store is populated by superstars in various roles and capacities! It's super cute and hilarious.

Florence Henderson (aka Carol Brady from 'The Brady Bunch') introduces the nerdalicious Harold as the new store manager, a role he relishes. Donald Trump is there, in all of his comb-over glory. Harold claims this is what he has been dreaming of his whole life.

He is served pancakes in bed by domestic goddess Martha Stewart. The Biebs is his security detail, keeping the paps at bay. How ironic, since Bieber has dealt with so much paparazzi drama in the past few months.

The lovely and talented Swift catches him and breaks his fall when he stumbles while arranging a display of her new perfume. She holds him in her arms while smiling, making a post-fall connection. Lucky dude! And it's all due to her perfume. See, Swift's scent helps bring people together.

The ever-dapper, debonair and suave Diddy also has a cameo, declaring, "I don't do dream sequences" when they try on suits. That would seem ironic, but... SPOILER ALERT!  As it turns out, Harold is not a indulging in a dream sequence. It's reality and The Biebs actually works at Macy's, dusting displays, among other things. L to the O to the L!

Watch it. We promise you'll giggle and cackle heartily.