Justin Bieber rumors are reaching near-comic levels this week. First there was the hilarity that was the "He had an affair with Rihanna" rumor when he was 17 and just started dating Selena Gomez. Yeah, like we were supposed to believe that one! Now, the tabs claim that serial dater Taylor Swift has her sights set on The Biebs and it's ruining her BFFdom with Gomez.


The National Enquirer is the culprit pushing this nasty rumor that Swift has "swooped in" on the single singer since he is "fair game now" and because she has harbored a crush on his for ages. The attraction also stems from the facts that The Biebs is on the same level as she in terms of their superstardom, and he knows what she is going through in regards to dealing with fame. He "gets" it and that's a turn on.

Since when did Gomez and Swift's ex, Harry Styles of One Direction, become slouches in the fame department? Both Sel and Styles are pretty freaking famous and deal with the same pitfalls that Biebs and T. Swizzle do.

No way any of this is possible. Swift doesn't seem like the type to break the girl code, where you don't date your BFF's exes under any circumstances. You just don't do it if the friendship matters to you. And T. Swizzle has gone on record repeatedly to talk about how much she loves her girlfriends.

However, the tab is pushing the idea that Sel is "heartbroken at the thought of the two of them getting together" and even quizzed the 'I Knew You Were Trouble' singer about what she plans to do in terms of her hot pursuit of Biebs.

Despite the Swiz saying they are just friends, a source suggests that she and Biebs text and call each other at least four times a day and don't broach the subject of Selena.

We're still not buying "Tayler" or "Biebor."

Neither is Gossip Cop, who learned from a source that all this nonsense is untrue. We coulda told ya that.

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