Taylor Swift has launched her 2014 Keds 'Million Brave Acts' campaign. In a new 30-second spot promoting the initiative, America's sweetheart and other girls talk about scenarios where they jumped in with both feet, hoping to inspire others like them to just... be brave.

For Swift and her fellow females, bravery is trying something new, whether it's experimenting with a different hair color, learning another language or traveling abroad.

"The first time I play a song for someone, I have to pick someone who's going to be honest with me, and that's terrifying," the singer reveals. "I think that bravery happens to different people in different ways."

The video, the overall campaign and the print ads for the new line of kicks fall in line with Swift's classic style -- a modern Jackie O in high-waisted shorts. The campaign's message is much like Swift's music -- inspiring to girls. It just happens to have a style element, since T. Swizzle is noted for her fashion sense.