Move over, Martha Stewart! Taylor Swift, a known baker and lover of warm and festive fall treats, is back in the kitchen! She and Kelly Osbourne got together with their pal Claire Winter and baked a batch of looks-like-they-are-delicious chocolate peppermint cookies!

Osbourne marveled at Swift's prowess in the kitchen, and she shared a bunch of photos of the ladies during their baking session. Kelly looked adorbs in her nerdy black glasses, while T. Swizzle was right at home with her apron. Good times appear to be had by all.

We're wondering when a line of Taylor Swift baking products or kitchen accessories will be on the way. The 'Everything Has Changed' songstress is clearly in her element when whipping up sweet treats. In fact, the only other place we've ever seen her look quite so happy is when she is standing on a stage, performing for her fans.

Swift, America's pop-country crossover sweetheart, and Osbourne, who is from heavy metal's first family, are from decidedly different backgrounds. But they looked so cute together as they baked. Food is quite the unifier, isn't it?

See the photos of their baking exploits below. Is your mouth watering? Do you wish you were noshing on one of those choco peppermint delights?