Say what you will about Taylor Swift's love life or her thin skin when it comes to comedians picking on her, but the girl has some serious gams.

She covers The Hollywood Reporter in leggy fashion, wearing a yellow gown and gold heels.

The magazine leaked the cover, which has a '25 Most Powerful Stylists' tag.

It's interesting that this cover should make landfall the same day as a report on T. Swizzle and her inability to move the magazines of which she graces the cover.

WWD (via The Gloss) reported that Swift's covers aren't as successful as other pop stars and actresses. The data is a bit skewed, though.

One example -- Lady Gaga's September Vogue cover sold twice as much as Swift's. That's not a fair comparison. The Sept. 2012 ish of the bible of fashion was its biggest…ever. It's also the September issue, for crying out loud.

The report also states that Swift's Glamour cover sold less than Lauren Conrad's cover and Victoria Beckham's cover. Gwen Stefani's Harper's Bazaar cover sold more than Swift's.

Yes, her December Cosmo cover flopped, but that could have something to do with her romances and her overexposure, and a new incoming editor. There are theories about why Swizzle doesn't move magazines like she moves albums. For one, she's an open book. You don't find out much about her that you weren't already appraised of via magazine features, save for Vanity Fair. She's also been on a zillion covers in the past few months, so perhaps people are sick of her and don't expect to get the story.

But, think about it this way. If T. Swizzle covered the September Vogue, wouldn't the deck be stacked in her favor since it's the most anticipated issue of the year?

Maybe she's not a mag hag after all.

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