Besties alert!

Taylor Swift and her new pal, 'Girls' creator and star Lena Dunham, with whom she hobknobbed at the Grammys, were seen having a star-studded lunch together at the Olympia Tea Room in Rhode Island over the Memorial Day weekend.

T. Swizzle bought a $17 million property (paying for the crib in cash!!!) in the Ocean State, so it'd make sense for her to invite her new pal up for some eats, a beachside hang and perhaps to draft her into membership in her Lonely Girls Club. A fan snapped a Twitter shot of the chat 'n' chew session, with Life & Style immortalizing the shot before it was likely taken down.

The lunch was somewhat A-list, as Swizz's tourmate Ed Sheeran also attended, as did fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff, who is dating Dunham. So no Lonely Girls Club status for her.

Swift's pal Hailee Steinfeld and actress Jessica Szhor were also noshing with Swift and Dunham. What a gathering of young artisans.

T. Swizz and Dunham, who recently tweeted about liking Demi Lovato, were said to have had dinner after the Met Gala earliest this month, as well. These two voices of their generations are, like, totally bonding.

Swift has made no secret of her love for Dunham and her show, saying, "I’ve always been really blown away by how she’s so young – she’s in her mid 20s – and she does all these things. She creates so much. When I found out she listens to my music, it absolutely floored me. It made my day, honestly."

What a love fest. Forget 'New Girl.' We expect a recurring role for T. Swizzle on 'Girls.'