It's pretty much a fact of life that if you discover a rap song that uses your name as a title, you must rock out to it. While some of us are still waiting for that fortuitous track to be written, Taylor Swift and Lena Dunham discovered a 'Lena Dunham' song -- and obviously danced to it.

Taylor posted the video to her Instagram so that the entire world could bask in the glory of the track (and Lena's sick dance moves!). While the clip mostly features Lena jamming to the song (which, by the way, consists of a peppy chanting of her name), Taylor's arm can briefly be seen as she dances.

It should be noted that even without Lena rocking out, the 'Lena Dunham' rap song sounds pretty darn catchy. And, in case you're curious, the track is by a band called Hand Job Academy. (You can see the NSFW music video here.)

Watch Lena dancing to the 'Lena Dunham' track in the video above!

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