Taylor Swift is making up for lost time. The singer tweeted a photo of herself while visiting the Lincoln Memorial after her Washington, DC concert, revealing that she visited the monument in our nation's capital simply because she skipped the 8th grade class trip due to having booked a show. Oh Taylor, what a charmed life you've been leading since grade school. We wish we could have skipped out on "forced fun" class trips because we had better things to do like, you know, perform!

Swift's tweet read: "It was my first time seeing the Lincoln Memorial up close (missed the school trip in 8th grade cause I had a show)."

Swift and three friends posed with Honest Abe looming large in the background on a hot summer night. Swift's posse was comprised of two gals and a guy with statement, flat ironed emo hair. He could poke an eye out with that coif; no wonder Swift is standing a few feet away from him.

We also love her shirtdress, which boasts a pair of cat eyes, and the look of awe on her face. Besides the overall confessional cuteness of this Twitter photo, we dig seeing Swift in regular girl mode, doing normal, touristy things with her pals.

Taylor Swift: She's just like us, to borrow a phrase from a popular tabloid.

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