Normally, looking like Taylor Swift wouldn't be a bad thing, since the singer is gorge. But an 18-year-old who recently became a professional T. Swizzle impersonator -- since there is a need for such things -- claims she was kicked in the face and beaten by bullies who are jealous of her looks. Oh no!

Xenna Kristian reportedly sustained bruising and a suspected broken jaw after being yanked from her chair by her ponytail and repeatedly kicked.

Kristian attends Walford and North Shropshire College in England but makes some paper by impersonating Swift. When her fellow students found out about her side gig, they attacked her. It's not like she resorted to hooking or stripping or other forms of adult entertainment to rake in some cash to make ends meet.

It sounds like her classmates were jealous since looking like T. Swiz inherently means you're pretty, and Kristian is able to have a cool job, since she books gigs at private parties and charity events due to her physical similarity to Swift. Most college students have to work on campus or at local retail, but not Kristian.

“Some girls at college had started making nasty comments, but it escalated really quickly," Kristian said, revealing that she decided to be a Swift impersonator after she was told repeatedly that she resembled the pop-country superstar. "The girl came up behind me and dragged me off my chair by my ponytail, then started kicking me in the face."

It was an ambush attack that Kristian did not expect, and while teachers did nothing, her friends intervened to pull a bully off.

Kristian's mother even pointed out that the girl had never before had a fight and that the hostility arose once the Swift gig came to light.

In all seriousness, beating someone up because of how they look is decidedly not cool.