Despite her many heartbreaks, the tales of which fill the songs of her still-nascent catalog, Taylor Swift is blindly optimistic about love and she's proud of it. Don't you love that she's not cynical about love yet? That's the Sagittarius in her.

Swift was the couch guest on 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno' last night (Feb. 20), where she promoted her new animated film 'The Lorax.' Of course, the subject quickly turned to love and she attributed her behavior to her astrological sign.

"When I am in love, I am stupid about it, I trust people," she said, in typical wide-eyed, Swiftian wonder. She is such a girly girl, and that's probably why so many girly girls love her so. She said her blind optimism is a product of her birth sign and later mused that she doesn't have a "type" when it comes to boys. "I don't think so, " she said about her search for a mate and "types" but not before qualifying that being type-free is a good thing. "But that makes it fun." She even joked that she thinks she'll meet her next beau at the grocery store. Sounds like a rom com scenario. Swift, the man of her dreams and the frozen pizza aisle? What a recipe for L-O-V-E.

Swift also expounded upon the fact that her hit song 'Mean' took on a life of its own, with fans interpreting it their own way, which she welcomes and embraces. "'Mean' is not about being bullied in high school, but when it went out into the world, it became that," she said. "I wrote it about a critic that kept giving me bad reviews."

She admitted to having her feelings hurt by reviewers and to not having a thick skin, which has caused her to cease reading her own Google Alerts. But now that the song has become an anthem for those teens who are struggling to get through hellish high school experiences, she contended that the song is no longer about the critic. The fans have taken it and made it there own. As a result, they "own" it.

All these things are precisely why T. Swift is the poet laureate of the high school generation.

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