We're certainly used to seeing Taylor Swift looking impeccably put-together. After all, this is the girl who is known for leaving the gym in perfect outfits, her trademark red lipstick flawlessly applied and not a hair out of place.

But as amazing as Taylor Swift looks when she's spotted on the streets of New York or on a red carpet, we think she looks just as good when she's lounging around makeup-free with her cats.

She posted a makeup-free selfie on Instagram with the caption "I woke up like thissss (With a cat on me.)" The photo clearly shows Taylor's even, blemish-free complexion and defined eyes … and we can't help but wonder how she manages to wake up with short hair looking so neat and perfect.

The photo didn't just show how great Taylor looks even without professionally applied makeup, it also gives us a glimpse of her adorable cat.

Taylor is definitely no stranger to bold makeup looks. She keeps it fairly consistent, favoring lined eyes and bold red lipstick, which she references often on her album 1989. Still, it's refreshing to see that this starlet feels just as comfortable with the way she looks straight out of bed as she does when she's glammed up on the red carpet.

The makeup-free shot is reminiscent of the way Taylor often looked when she first started making music, fresh-faced and youthful. It's great to see that, while her look has definitely evolved since then, she's still able to go back and embrace the natural look.

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