Taylor Swift is taking her cat lady label to new levels. She's using her adorable kitten, Meredith, to snag votes for the Academy of Country Music Awards!

"Hey Mer," Swift calls to her adorable kitten. Meredith approaches and appears to listen intently. "So, you're new here, so you don't really know this yet," she began, "but this is coming up on a really amazing thing that happens every year ... the ACMs."

The camera cuts to Meredith looking up and meowing. Swift continues, "And, you don't know how this goes, but I thought I'd explain to you. Is that cool?" Mer meows once more, cute as a button, as Swift launches into an explanation of the voting process.

"Ok, so we got nominated for Entertainer of the Year, which is huge and wonderful," Swift said excitedly to an equally intrigued Meredith. "And the thing about the ACMs is that it's fan-voted," she explained as Meredith meowed. "So people can go on and vote once a day starting March 19, which is awesome. All the way up until the show, which is just so cool," Swift said.

"So do you think people should go on and vote for us maybe?" Meredith meowed in affirmation. Swift then deadpanned, "Good talk. Now go fetch."

If the music and movies thing ever stops working for Taylor, we think she has a future in film editing!

Watch Taylor Swift and Meredith Ask for ACM Votes