In the 10th webisode of the making of Taylor Swift's 'Ours' video,which is a 13-part series, the singer opens up and reveals 'The Message of 'Ours.'' When stripped down, the song is a love story and addresses the notion that love and relationships take time and work in order to be successful.

Swift, still dressed in her drab office worker duds from the video, says, "It's about somebody I was in love with and I just didn't see why everyone else had to weigh in." She continued, "When you have a relationship, it's between two people and this song is about that."

Being a famous pop star doesn't make relationships any easier, especially since the media and paparazzi often invite themselves into your life and proceed to make comments/assumptions in the pages of magazines and online. So if anyone understands that the core of a relationship needs to be solid between two people in order to survive, it's Swift.

Swift spoke about one of the song's strongest, most poetic and relatable lyrics -- "People throw rocks at things that shine" -- and elaborated on the sentiment, saying, "Happiness isn't a promise. You get fleeting glimpses and the rest of the time is fighting for those moments"

Swift loves that her fans are extracting their own meanings from the lyrics and she wanted them to be open-ended and interpretable. She admitted, "The chorus applies to love in so many different forms and that's what I love about this song."

Watch the Taylor Swift 'Ours' Webisode 10