Taylor Swift has seven Grammys, 16 American Music Awards and 22 Billboard Music Awards. She’s sold over 40 million albums, and is generally one of the most popular pop stars of the modern era. Ever the overachiever, Taylor can officially add Social Media Queen to her growing list of achievements, because her Instagram follower count just surpassed Kim Kardashian's. Amazing!

According to Billboard, more people on planet Earth want to look at photos of Taylor’s cats and model friends than they want to look at Kim's face. As of yesterday (September 8), Kim had no choice but to surrender her Instagram crown to Taylor mere weeks after dethroning the once most-followed Beyonce. Time is a flat circle.

If you scroll through Taylor’s Instagram real quick like we did (for research purposes) you’ll probably notice that the majority of her more personal photos (aka the ones that aren’t of her welcoming Famous Person #37 to the 1989 World Tour stage) look like they belong in an antique store. She uses weird filters, but she is a musician, not a photographer. Regardless, people love it!

Who do you follow on Instagram? Who do you think deserves the most Instagram followers? Is it Taylor? Is it Kim? Is it Tuxedo Cat Bros from Boston? They’re so cute, and they look so soft. Have you ever spent 20 minutes scrolling through a single person’s Instagram and then mistakenly liked a photo from 273 weeks ago? Did you then wish you could delete your entire Internet footprint, along with your life? Let us know in the comments.

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