That hadda be awkward.

Taylor Swift and One Direction both performed at the NRJ Music Awards in Cannes, France on Saturday, Jan. 26, with T. Swizzle pointedly steering clear of the whole of 1D clan due to her ex, Harry Styles, being a member. What a difference a few weeks makes, since those two couldn't keep their hands of each other a month ago. Drama, drama, drama.

T. Swizzle and Hazza reportedly timed their red carpet appearances so that they avoided one another and prevented any drama and awkwardness, or staring one another down with the stink eye. Styles and 1D did the carpet about a half hour before Swift arrived.

A source told Us Weekly that the exes avoiding one another was planned in advance. Nothing was left to chance, because God knows that would have been a red carpet Hindenburg! Or a "Haylorburg!"

"It was very carefully timed so they didn't do the carpet at the same time," the insider said, "Taylor didn't do any backstage interviews and didn't use a dressing room -- she changed at the hotel because she didn't want to see Harry at any point. Things were timed to keep them apart and for it to not become a big media circus."

Swift actually would have been smart to show up concurrently and waltz past her ex and his bandmates to knock 'em dead and make their jaws drop in her longsleeved, gold and white Elie Saab dress with a plunging neckline, which showed off her assets. She has been showing a lot of her cleavage lately, leading to much speculation that she's had a surgical upgrade of dem boobies.

Her mounds looked good, yes, but check out those stems. The girl has amazing, glowing gams.

Actually, sources say she did one better by looking directly at Hazza during her performance of 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.' Ouch!

"She was talking in French on the microphone saying, 'So he calls me up and he's like 'je t'aime, je 't'aime toujours … je ne sais pas [I love you, I still love you, I don't know]. No! We are never ever getting back together, like ever!'" an eyewitness said about the perf.

The score, as of right now, and based solely on the NRJ Awards situation: Taylor Swift, 1. Harry Styles, 1 -- because he actually took home an award. We can't wait to see what kind of tiebreaker she'll come up with.

Watch the Taylor Swift Perform at NRJ Music Awards