Taylor Swift's 'Our Song,' from her 2006, self-titled debut, got the 'Pop Up Video' treatment. We learn a lot about our girl Taylor from that period, most of which pertains to a "falling out" she may have had with former fiddler Emily.

'Our Song' was the third video from the album, which put Swift on the map and thrust her into our consciousness.

First, she looks absolutely, breath-takingly beautiful in the video, thanks to her shimmery makeup. It was her third video and there are a few scenes where her unruly curls are blown stick straight. It "took a while" to get her kinky hair to go curl-free! She wanted to have a lot of different looks in the vid, so her signature ringlets make an appearance multiple times, too.

In the scene where Swift is rocking out in all black with her guitar, she is strumming a silvery axe. Turns out the stylist on set hand-glued the rhinestones onto the instrument one-by-one. Talk about tedious! The end result was worth it, since Swift and her black dress stand out against the sparkle of the bedazzled guitar.

This 'Pop Up Video' reveals a little drama in the normally smooth sailing world of Swift. Emily was her original fiddle player and a friend of the singer. She disappeared in 2008, with Swift's camp saying she left in order to pursue another career path: law school.

Turns out Em did attend law school, but that's not why she left the band. She was apparently fired. She and Swift, who were good pals, no longer speak.

Watch Taylor Swift's 'Our Song' on 'Pop Up Video'