Taylor Swift is currently single, but you wouldn't know it by watching her new 'Ours' music video -- you'd think she was really romantically involved with her love interest in the clip, actor Zach Gilford. In the latest issue from her webisode series, the 'Love Story' songstress introduces us to her 'main squeeze,' who she insists was her first choice to portray her boyfriend.

"He was someone that I had in mind because he's really endearing in all of the roles that he plays," Swift gushed about Zach, who made his music video debut in the 'Ours' treatment. "I've seen him in movies and in shows that he's been in. I'm just always really impressed by when he's on screen. He always brings heart to it."

Zach explained that since it was his first time, he had to learn how to act over silence and pretend music was playing, rather than talking like he would in one of his speaking roles, though acting like he's head over heels for Taylor wasn't terribly hard.

Director Declan Whitebloom described the pair's compatibility best when he said, "him and Taylor got on like a house on fire, which always helps when they're meant to be a couple, so there wasn't that much acting involved," adding that the actor is a "pleasant" guy.

Zach, who is perhaps best known for his recurring role as Matt on the hit show 'Friday Night Lights,' had similarly nice things to say about Taylor, calling her "super sweet and nice." Of the experience, he commented, "It was cool that she wanted me to be involved in something. It wasn't too hard of a sell -- it was a pretty easy acceptance."

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