Taylor Swift dressed down to play a working stiff and a plain Jane office dweller in the video for 'Ours.' The normally glam and all-dolled-up singer released the first behind-the-scenes webisode from the shoot, providing a little insight on the inner workings and backstory for the clip.

"Doing music videos is fun and it's really challenging to think of new things," Swift, dressed in a drab and mousy brown cardigan with her hair pulled back in an unkept, unpolished ponytail, said. "Typically, the director will write the treatment and write the video and direct it too. Declan worked so well with my storyline for 'Mean' and I knew he'd work well with my storyline for 'Ours.'" Swift, of course, is speaking about director Declan Whitebloom on their repeat engagement of working together.

We meet Whitebloom, who reveals that "not cutting away to performance is unconventional" and that it was Swift's idea to keep the video storyline-driven and to have the character she portrays sing. It certainly added to the believability of Swift as a corporate drone to have her remain in character and not cut away to her looking gorgeous and glam in a separate, unrelated performance mode. Swift clearly made the right choice, since she knows what works for her in her super cute vids.

The 'Love Story' songstress also threw props to the Swifties since they "found" the song on the deluxe edition of 'Speak Now' and were the catalyst for it being released as a single. She said that she loves her fans so much, and "they always let the best song win."

Swift makes it easy, though, since she writes so many good tunes! Swifties rest assured, there will be more behind-the-scenes footage coming down the pike, as this clip was titled 'Webisode One.'

Watch the Taylor Swift 'Ours' Behind-the-Scenes Video