In the newest webisode for the making of Taylor Swift's new video for 'Ours,' titled 'That's a Wrap,' Swift, her co-star Zach Gilford and director Declan Whitebloom go over the final climactic scenes. The video ends with Swift's drab and frumpy office drone character lighting up when she goes to the airport to pick up her boyfriend, who is in the military. She literally comes alive.

Whitebloom explains how he used different camera angles and lighting to tell two sides of the story: her dull and miserable professional life versus her love life. He said, "It's a simple story. Her one ray of light in her boring office job is the fact that she has this boyfriend who happens to be in the military."

Swift chimed in, reminding us her character "has been waiting all year to pick up her boyfriend who has been in the army at the airport."

Whitebloom said the office scenes were filmed with static cameras, which are more rigid, and the scenes were stiff and uncomfortable as a result. On the other hand, the shots of her on the bus to the airport to retrieve her man were done with handhelds, which are looser, making for more attractive and appealing shots. It's no accident that Swift starts to bloom while on the bus and out of the office, on her way to the reunion.

Gilford jokes that the reunion hug, where he swings her around, is "like it's the '60s." It's certainly a romantic scene, that's for sure.

Watch Taylor Swift Reunite With Her Video Beau in 'Ours' Webisode