Taylor Swift included 'Ours' on the deluxe version of 'Speak Now,' which is available at Target. This song certainly could have found a welcome home on the standard version of Swift's best-seller, which dropped last year. But sometimes you have to save the best for last, and that's just what the singer and her label have done with 'Ours.'

Swift's soft, candied voice rises over the gentle lilt of her acoustic guitar. Her voice is like a warm, chenille blanket on a chilly day or a tight hug from a friend you haven't seen in a long time. The song starts out as a ballad and picks up the pace a little; but overall, it's a pretty, slower tempo song that showcases Swift's strengths, which are her inviting, open journal lyrics and that sweet voice.

She sings, "So don't you worry your pretty little mind / People throw rocks at things that shine," and for a lyrical moment, it's like her more contemplative, companion version of her bestie Selena Gomez's 'Who Says' anthem about loving yourself. Swift's 'Ours' is more of a love song, but keep in mind, you can have the greatest love affair of all with yourself. When she coos, "This love is ours," it's like sharing a secret between two people. 'Ours' is destined to become "our song" for teens across the globe who are experiencing their first love.

Swift demonstrates that she fully understands that there is that one thing you share with someone else that no one can take away from you. She has effectively distilled that universal experience and emotion into song that's sweet, but not too much that it gives you a cavity.

'Ours' is a textbook example of why Swift is the prepubescent set's poet laureate. She is most certainly the emotional center of that set, though, and 'Ours' is a song that will fill the ears of more than a few teens exploring relationships and dating.

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