Taylor Swift was dressed like a typical New Yorker when performing the title track from her album 'Red' on 'Good Morning America' today (Oct. 23.) She was sported head-to-toe black, which shocked us, since she has been cloaked in crimson while promoting the album, which is expected to sell a million copies.

Even though she was monochromatic in black, which is often considered a drab color, Swift still sparkled. Take a peek at the top, which is shimmery, just like the singer's personality.

T. Swizzle did keep the scarlet motif in tact with her microphone and guitar, so her accessories were in keeping with her red theme. We do love that T. Swizzle threw us for a loop by changing up her attire during this performance, which, by the way, sounded amazing. It got us excited for the future, like when she announces a full clutch of tour dates in support of 'Red.' She admitted she is already thinking about her tour plans in support of her new album during yesterday's interview portion on 'GMA.'

Overall, the 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' singer looked adorbs while she sang her song about how loving him feels like the color red. Anyone else out there have a hard time getting the melody of this song out of their head? It's so crazy catchy.

She also turned up the tempo when performing 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.' She ditched her guitar and engaged in some cute choreography with her backup dancers, which consisted of coordinated and synchronized hand movements.

Could she be any cuter? The crowd took over for the final roller coaster chorus of "Weeeee are never ever getting back together," singing so loud they heard 'em in heaven.

Swift continues her media blitz this evening as both the a couch guest and musical performer on 'Late Night With David Letterman.' So all you Swifties need to be sure to tune in and enjoy more of your heroine as she takes over NYC media outlets.

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Mike Coppola, Getty Images
Mike Coppola, Getty Images