Taylor Swift took the stage at the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards to perform a trifecta of hits. The songbird treated her British fans to 'Love Story,' 'You Belong With Me' and her latest offering, the title track from 'Red.'

The country-pop cutie arrived wearing an A-line white dress with a cutout back -- it seems to be her favorite go-to shade other than red (the latter of which may be more of a marketing tool than a genuine preference). Her hair was in a bun and she wore her signature crimson lipstick to pose for photos with fans outside the Wembley Arena in London. Her heels were white to match the dress -- and they were shaped and designed like cats! (She wore a flat, blue version of the footwear in her 'Begin Again' video shots.)

When Swift took the stage, she sported oxfords, metallic high-waisted shorts and a sequined, semi-sheer top that was very similar to the one she donned for her iHeart Radio Festival performance, but this time in black instead of silver.

"Hi London! I think it's quite possible that this might be the loudest crowd of all time, which makes me really happy," Swift gushed, "and makes me want to ask you a question. Two questions! Do you think you can sing as loud as you can scream? Second question: Would you like to dance?"

Swift launched into 'Love Story,' but her vocals were barely audible for much of the song. It's unclear whether it was a technical issue or if the crowd, which was rather loud, simply drowned her out.

Next, she replaced her sometimes-awkward dance moves with her red guitar and a red microphone (because obviously). She began telling the crowd, "I was thinking, if this crowd was going to be as loud as I'd hoped, maybe I could play a new song that I've never played live before," she announced. "I'm really happy because it seems like you think that's a good idea," she added to raucous applause and cheers. "London, for the first time, this is called 'Red.'"

Swift's vocals were much easier to make out during her performance of her new single, perhaps either because the audio was adjusted or the crowd calmed down a bit. She followed with 'You Belong With Me' to close out the set, but once more faced vocal issues -- perhaps the red mic is a good luck charm and the black one she used to dance around with wasn't working as well! Note her dance moves, too, are getting more  comfortable for the squeaky clean starlet. She even shakes her skinny butt at the camera!

Watch Taylor Swift Perform 'Red' at the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards

Watch Taylor Swift Perform 'You Belong With Me' at the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards