Taylor Swift not only collected the Entertainer of the Year award at last night's CMAs. The singer also performed her new song 'Ours,' doing so solo and acoustically, on a stage decorated with a couch and  old-fashioned lamps, which projected the softest lighting. It was like Swift was performing from the cozy comfort of her own living room ... Or yours.

While she spent the rest of the night decked out in gorgeous and glittery dresses, she donned a bright pink sweater, which she paired with black leggings, and nestled deep in her couch to deliver the song. It was a brilliant contrast to the sparkle and shimmer of the red carpet! Since country music is such a homey genre, Swift's choice of setting and decor for her performance was a well-conceived. Nice touch, Tay!

Her delivery of the song was darling and the way she expressed herself with her eyes and stared directly into the camera while performing made you feel like Swift was performing a private concert, just for you. It's that type of intimacy that she projects, and is likely one of the reasons she was nominated for five CMAs -- she was up for Female Vocalist of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year, Music Video of the Year and the sought-after Entertainer of the Year Award, for those of you keeping score at home!

Swift is all of 21 but she has established herself as the supreme ruler of the pop-country world, and she shows no signs of slowing down. With a mantle full of awards, including her second CMA Entertainer of the Year trophy, and a new venture with her perfume 'Wonderstruck,' it's good to be Taylor Swift right now. Beautiful, talented, beloved. She has it all.

Watch Taylor Swift Perform 'Ours' at the 2011 CMAs