Taylor Swift's love of cats is well-documented.  She even wears shirts with cats on 'em. But don't go assuming Swift will end up a crazy cat lady just because she is crazy 'bout felines. Like this pic, the singer has been sharing photos of her precious new kitten Meredith, a gray and white ball of uber adorable. Seriously, you will OD on cuteness, once you check out these photos of the little furball.

Don't you want to carry Meredith around in your pocket? We bet Swift will take her on tour wherever she goes, since she is so darn cute and probably can't bear to part with Swifty.

Taylor tweeted a photo of herself and Meredith hanging out and bonding, as well as a bunch of shots of the kitty nestled up and napping; curled up into a ball; camped out on one the toe of one of mom's Oxford shoes; and hanging out in one of Swift's black motorcycle boots. Can we get a loud and collective, "Awwwww!" from you, dear readers?

The shots make you want to head out to the local shelter and nab a kitten in need of a home, doesn't it? We look forward to more adorable shots of Meredith as she blossoms from kitten to cat.