It's almost time to sit back on the couch, flip on FOX, and tune in for the season finale of 'New Girl' on May 14, which will feature a very special guest star -- Taylor Swift!

The '22' songstress will join Zooey Deschanel's quirky character, Jess, on the 'Downtown Abbey Christmas Special' episode, which is probably going to be just as amazing as it sounds. In celebration of Swift's ever-growing acting credits, we're giving away the entire first season of 'New Girl,' in addition to a bunch of other awesome Swift swag, like a Taylor Swift iPhone case and a mini amplifier for your iPhone.

All you have to do for to enter our contest is follow the instructions provided in the form below. You can also earn extra entries by following multiple Twitter platforms (our friends over at Taste of CountryStarCrush and ScreenCrush) or by tweeting about this contest, and each additional entry will help your chances of winning.

While a whole season of 'New Girl' is bound to entertain for hours, we're also giving away a bunch of other Taylor Swift stuff (pictured above) to keep you occupied. For instance, you can start your own songwriting career in the Swift-themed notebook, practice your guitar skills with a Taylor pick and of course, get inspired with an autographed Taylor Swift photo and a copy of her latest record, 'Red.'

You can enter the contest as many times as possible until May 15. And don't forget to tune in to FOX on May 14 at 9PM ET to catch Taylor Swift on 'New Girl.'