New promotional images of Taylor Swift for her upcoming 'Red' album, out Oct. 22, have leaked via a fan site. Oh those crafty Swift devotees -- they get their hands on the best stuff. That's dedication for you. We had to share them, since the statuesque Swift tries several different looks and ends up appearing like a model.

If Swift's music career had stalled, she could have easily gone into modeling, given her natural beauty and height. Even with her cute awkwardness, we bet she could work a runway like nobody's bidness.

The Rolling Stone cover girl (and Marie Claire U.K. cover star) rocks the prairie-style, frontierswoman look (similar to Demi Lovato on her recent Teen Vogue cover) with loose, unfussy waves and long, sheer dresses in a few of the shots. It reminds us of her light, airy, forest nymph beauty in the 'Safe & Sound' video from 'The Hunger Games' soundtrack.

Her retro, ultra classy style shows itself in the image with the cat-eyed glasses, and she demonstrates the hippie styling of her Vogue cover in the black and white shot.

Taylor Swift shows off an array of different trends and styles in a handful of shots. Expect fans to copy T. Swizzle's look from these photos -- just stunning.

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